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Episode #137

As is our custom, we assess 10 questions for the upcoming year in the Southern Baptist Convention.

10 Questions for 2018:

  1. What will be the result of the IMB board’s trial period for David Platt serving as teaching pastor at McLean Bible Church?
  2. How will economic changes in the US impact church finances? Will giving meet the 2018 Cooperative Program Allocation Budget? Will the LMCO rebound after the normalization in 2017? Will the AAEO continue its growth in 2018?
  3. Who will be the next chairman of the Executive Committee of the SBC?
  4. How will healthcare changes affect GuideStone?
  5. What does 2018 look like for SBC seminaries?
  6. How much progress will be made in Send Cities in 2018?
  7. What will be the decision on Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, and what will be its impact on religious liberty in the US?
  8. Will the ministers’ housing allowance be repealed?
  9. Who will run for SBC president and what will be the outcome of the election?
  10. Will we break the 10,000 messenger mark in Dallas?
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