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Episode #195

Every January, we share our 10 questions for the SBC for the coming year. This year, we get more specific than we have been in the past as we look to a year that will be filled with new beginnings.

News Recap:

  1. Who will be selected to lead our entities in 2019?
  2. How will continuing healthcare changes and new product offerings affect GuideStone?
  3. Who will be nominated for SBC officers in Birmingham?
  4. How will the revamped schedule be received at the SBC Annual Meeting?
  5. What changes will Paul Chitwood bring to the IMB (if any)?
  6. How will Southern Baptists respond to the changing political landscape in the U.S.?
  7. How will the conversation regarding abuse and assault continue to play out in 2019? What will the Sexual Abuse Advisory Committee recommend for churches at the SBC Annual Meeting?
  8. Will we see an increase in diversity across all levels of convention life?
  9. Will we break $200M in national CP receipts this budget year?
  10. Will any other entities or groups in the SBC commission reports on their history of racism and slavery? How will SBTS respond to its own report?

Honorable mention question: Will Wiley Drake come to Birmingham?

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This Week in SBC History

Resources We Are Looking Forward to in 2019

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