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Episode #412

Amy and Jonathan take a look ahead into the future and ask their questions for 2023.

Questions for 2023

  1. What will be the next steps taken in abuse reform and response?
  2. Who will be elected to lead the EC? Will we see more diversity in first and second chair roles in the SBC?
  3. Will we top 10,000 messengers in New Orleans? 
  4. Will the upward trends in giving continue for CP, LMCO, and AAEO?
  5. How will the Saddleback/women pastor conversation be resolved?
  6. How will legal proceedings affect the SBC—DOJ, McRaney vs. NAMB, Rollins vs. Pressler, etc.?
  7. What will a Leatherwood administration at the ERLC look like?
  8. Will Bart Barber be opposed at the SBC Annual Meeting in New Orleans?
  9. What will 2023 hold for seminary education?
  10. What will be the surprise story of 2023?

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