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Episode #136

In our final episode of 2017, we look back on the year, its stories, and name our resource of the year.

Questions for 2017:

  1. What will be the response to the revamped Pastors Conference in Phoenix? — top stories
  2. Will we start to see leadership transitions in southern states?
  3. How will a Trump presidency affect religious liberty?
  4. How will the new CSB translation from LifeWay be received? — top stories
  5. Will the LifeWay building be occupied in 2017?
  6. How will the changing online education landscape affect SBC seminaries and baptist colleges?
  7. Will limitless missionaries start to become a reality in 2017?
  8. Will we continue to see increasingly diverse representation on trustee boards?
  9. How might GuideStone and their constituents be impacted by changes in health care and the possible elimination of the ACA?
  10. How will the rural/urban divide in America influence SBC churches and revitalization efforts?

Top Stories for 2017:

  1. IMB President David Platt accepts teaching pastor role at McLean Bible Church (read more)
  2. Gunman opens fire at FBC Sutherland Springs, TX, and kills 26 church members in early November (read more)
  3. Resolutions are passed across the SBC related to the Alt-right and racism (read more)
  4. Conservative Resurgence architects Judge Paul Pressler and Paige Patterson and others are named in a lawsuit related to the alleged molestation of a 14-year old boy (read more)
  5. Escrowing of Cooperative Program funds led to the appointment of a special task force of the Executive Committee to examine the causes and effects (read more)
  6. A record Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American missions was collected (read more)
  7. Finances at every level continue to be ongoing topic of discussion in SBC life (read more)
  8. Send Relief works overtime in response to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma; gets recognized by the White House (read more)
  9. LifeWay releases the Christian Standard Bible; specialty versions become some of the best-selling and most desired Bibles of the past decade
  10. The “small church pastor” SBCPC is a roaring success under Dave Miller’s leadership as president and H.B. Charles III becomes its first African-American president (read more)
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Resource of the Year

She Reads Truth CSB Bible

Inspired by the She Reads Truth mission of “Women in the Word of God every day,” the She Reads Truth Bible is thoughtfully and artfully designed to highlight the beauty, goodness, and truth of Scripture.

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