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Episode #165

What a week we had in Dallas! As we recap the annual meeting, we can’t help but feel this was a watershed moment in the SBC.

Annual Meeting Recap:

  • True Discussions:
    • Motion to amend the agenda
    • Motion to defund ERLC
    • Seminary reports and Q&A
    • Motion to replace an ERLC trustee nominee
    • Motion to vacate the SWBTS board
  • True Decisions:
    • VP Pence was approved on the schedule
    • ERLC was not defunded
    • An ERLC trustee nominee was replaced
    • J.D. Greear was elected President of the SBC
    • The trustees at SWBTS were affirmed
  • True Directions:
    • A new direction in leadership
    • A new direction in diversity
    • A new direction for women
  • Other Highlights of the Week
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