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Episode #248

2019 has been a year of change in the Southern Baptist Convention. On this year-end recap episode, Amy and Jonathan cover the top stories of the year, answer their 10 questions for 2019, and Amy shares her 10 most fascinating Southern Baptists of the year.

10 Questions for 2019:

  1. Who will be selected to lead our entities in 2019?
  2. How will continuing healthcare changes and new product offerings affect GuideStone?
  3. Who will be nominated for SBC officers in Birmingham?
  4. How will the revamped schedule be received at the SBC Annual Meeting?
  5. What changes will Paul Chitwood bring to the IMB (if any)?
  6. How will Southern Baptists respond to the changing political landscape in the U.S.?
  7. How will the conversation regarding abuse and assault continue to play out in 2019? What will the Sexual Abuse Advisory Committee recommend for churches at the SBC Annual Meeting?
  8. Will we see an increase in diversity across all levels of convention life?
  9. Will we break $200M in national CP receipts this budget year?
  10. Will any other entities or groups in the SBC commission reports on their history of racism and slavery? How will SBTS respond to its own report?

10 Biggest News Stories of 2019:

  1. Southern Baptists take action to curb sexual abuse in the Convention
  2. Four new presidents elected to lead SBC entities
  3. LifeWay closes brick-and-mortar stores in historic shift to new online strategy
  4. Great Commission Giving surges throughout the Convention
  5. SBC votes overwhelmingly to approve significant bylaw and constitutional changes
  6. A flurry of pro-abortion and pro-life laws come before state legislatures nationwide after Supreme Court shifts
  7. Mohler announced as 2020 presidential nominee
  8. NAMB launches ‘Who’s Your One?’ emphasis
  9. SBC president J.D. Greear appoints the most diverse committees in SBC history
  10. Southwestern Seminary removes stained-glass windows commemorating the Conservative Resurgence

10 Most Fascinating Southern Baptists of 2019:

  1. Bryant Wright
  2. Marshal Ausberry
  3. Linda J. White
  4. Trevor Lawrence
  5. Ben Mandrell
  6. Kathy Litton
  7. Daniel Ritchie
  8. Betsy Gomez
  9. Ben Shive
  10. Art Toalston

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