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Episode #411

Amy and Jonathan take a look back at the year in Southern Baptist life and answer their questions for the year. Amy also shares her most fascinating Southern Baptists of 2022.

Questions for 2022

  1. What will be the outcome of the Guidepost investigation of the SBC Executive Committee’s handling of reports of sexual abuse?
  2. Who will be elected to lead the ERLC and EC? Will we see more diversity in first and second chair roles in the SBC?
  3. Will we top 10,000 messengers in Anaheim? 
  4. Will the upward trends in giving continue for CP, LMCO, and AAEO?
  5. Will Southern Baptists become too affinity-based at the risk of sacrificing cooperation across the Convention?
  6. How will social media continue to affect our cooperation?
  7. As global tensions mount with Russia (Ukraine) and China (Uyghurs), what will be the impact on Southern Baptist missions efforts globally if political destabilization continues?
  8. How will the Supreme Court rule on Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health and will that impact the legality of abortion in the United States?
  9. How will the mass influx of new members to the EC (around 50 in two years) affect the entity and the Convention?
  10. What will be the surprise story of 2022?

Top Stories of the Year

  1. Guidepost Solutions report; Southern Baptists’ response
  2. Overturn of Roe v. Wade
  3. Department of Justice investigation of SBC
  4. Russian invasion of Ukraine
  5. Leadership changes in the SBC
  6. Southern Baptists’ historic generosity
  7. 2022 SBC Annual Meeting and its results
  8. McLaurin’s interim EC presidency
  9. Southern Baptist response to natural disasters
  10. 2023 meeting moved to New Orleans

Most Fascinating Southern Baptists of the Year

Resource of the Year

ACTS 2 Network App

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