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Episode #010

We discuss some fascinating new research from LifeWay Research about the perceptions of religious rights in America. We also talk with Jill Waggoner about Global Hunger Relief and make up for leaving off a few selections coffee, burgers, and more in this episode of SBC This Week.

News Recap

Interview with Jill Waggoner, lead brand strategist for Global Hunger Relief

  • One in seven Americans access food banks on a regular basis.
  • 89% of those using food banks in the US don’t know where their next meal is coming from.
  • Global Hunger Sunday – October 11 – Find out more at
  • 100% of the funds provided to GHR go to fighting hunger. 80% goes overseas and 20% is used to fight hunger in the US.
  • GHR Thunderclap

Preview of Nashville (continued)

Resources of the Week

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