With the SBC Annual Meeting upon us next week, we thought it would be fun to hold a photo scavenger hunt. If you complete the scavenger hunt at #SBC17, we will send you a free book. It’s that simple. Here are the rules:

Snap a pic with the following and tweet it to us at @SBCThisWeek using the #SBC17 hashtag.

Here are your photo targets:

  1. Amy
  2. Jonathan
  3. A past SBC president
  4. A ballot
  5. A first-time messenger
  6. An entity head
  7. A booth worker in the SBTS booth (#1231)
  8. A CSB Bible
  9. A thermometer showing the temperature outside
  10. A replica of an item from the Bible (shofar, ark of the covenant, biblical character, etc.)
  11. A missionary
  12. A church planter

It’s a short list, and could be completed in one day if you’re strategic. So, start snapping those pics and tweet them to us.

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