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Episode #005

We cover the Charleston massacre and the Supreme Court Ruling on Same Sex Marriage. We also tie up a few loose ends left over from Columbus and sit down with Kelly King for a conversation about women in the church and the SBC.

Charleston Massacre

  • The Cross and the Confederate Flag Cannot Coexist – Dr. Russell Moore –
  • The Heresy of Racial Superiority — Confronting the Past, and Confronting the Truth – Dr. Albert Mohler –

Supreme Court Ruling

  • Dissenting Opinion – Chief Justice John Roberts –
  • Dr. Russell Moore -Why the church should neither cave nor panic about the decision on gay marriage –
  • Dr. Ed Stetzer – Same-Sex Marriage is now the Law of the (U.S.) Land: What Now for Christians? –

SBC News Recap

  • Maryland: Will McRaney resigns as Mid-Atlantic exec –
  • Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary: Midwestern Seminary names scholar Owen Strachan to faculty as associate professor of Christian Theology, head of forthcoming center for theology and culture –
  • Executive Committee: Page receives Asian Advisory Council report –

SBC News Recap, Part Two (Part one here)

Interview with Kelly King

  • @KellyDKing on Twitter
  • “Women have influence. I think the door is wider for women that it ever has been.”
  • “The Lotties and Annies of yesterday paved the way for women today. “
  • “There are more IMB personnel on the field from Oklahoma Baptist University than from any other Baptist college.”
  • “I think there will be a greater involvement and awareness of missions in the SBC [in the next 20 years].”

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